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About Us

Welcome! We are the Russells - David and Diane - founders of Heron Quilt Co.. We are located in SW Michigan in the Gun Lake area. I started quilting ~25 years ago. I asked my coworker if I bought the fabric, would she make one for me? so naive. Lol. You know the answer right? I wont make it but I will teach you. I didnt understand it then, but a couple of quilts in, it made a ton of sense. And so it began. I am not perfect, I live by the done is better than perfect rule. So don't look too close ;-) Opening a store has been a dream for years, and it finally came to fruition in Nov 2022. We are an online only fabric store with shipping or local pickup. I love it. David and I have been together since 2011. We are that story. David is a carpenter by trade, and master fabric cutter/machine repair in his spare time. I work in pharmaceuticals - rare disease full time. Collectively we have 4 children + spouses and 2 beautiful grands.
Coming soon? Millie30 Long Arm. Heron Quilt will be offering E2E quilting in the coming months.
Peace, Love, and Happy Sewing
David and Diane